This article covers how to ignore and untrack files and directories with Git.

Ignoring Files and Directories

Inside your project root directory, where your repository has been initialized, create a file called .gitignore or edit a pre-existing .gitignore file. Within this file you can add file paths or directory paths that you don't want git to track.

If you are lazy and don't want to run vim to edit the file you can run the following command:

echo ":path_to_ignore" >> .gitignore

It will prepend :path_to_ignore to the existing .gitignore content.

Untrack Files and Directories

Sometimes you may want to stop tracking.

  • Edit your .gitignore file as mentioned above.
  • Untrack
git rm --cached :path_to_untrack

Where :path_to_untrack is the path of the file or directory you want to untrack.

  • Commit

Once you have told git to stop tracking the file, you must commit.

git add .gitignore
git commit -m "Ignoring..."

Happy coding.


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